About Hopi Navajo

Hopi-Navajo-WinkelHOPI-NAVAJO is a renowned Native American art shop in The Hague. This June we celebrated our 25th anniversary!

Attention during the lockdown you can pick up items .We are in the shop from 10am till 2pm. You can reach us on 06-28361803.



Inspired by our travels around the world, we (Max & Marcel, owners of the shop) came up with this idea now more than 25 years ago. We travelled all the area which covers the southwest up to Alaska. During our impressive journeys, our first contacts were with the Hopi and Navajo Indians; see there the born of the name for our shop! Our Indian shop is often compared with a little museum, this also because of our special items which date from the early 1900’s; among which an old war shirt which was actually worn by the native Indians. The war bonnet (over 70 years old) of an Canadian Indian is also one of the eye-catchers. Clients whom are into shamanism and other spiritual matters are also very welcome at our shop. We also sell loose parts to make your own favorite pieces for example power shields, medicine wheels, smudge feathers and so much more. We will do our outmost best to make your visit worthwhile, so hope to see (and talk to you) soon at Hopi Navajo! /////